Easter at New Walk

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Easter is quickly approaching, and I’m so excited for what will take place on all three of our stages on the 19th and 20th. I so wish I could say “spoiler alert!” and simply post our entire setlist right here, but I must refrain. You can rest assured that we will be bringing some cool creative elements to the stage and introducing new songs as well. One of which, will take place before the pre-service countdown, so we want to strongly encourage everyone to arrive early and grab a seat so as not to miss any of the awesomeness we have planned. I can tell you that our setlist includes songs by Hillsong United, Seth Condrey, Elevation Worship, Phillip Phillips, and even Katy Perry. #ohyeah


Aside from the helicopter egg drop, candy, and other free stuff, Easter weekend is exciting for so many other reasons. We believe there are going to be many many people that hear the gospel and accept Jesus FOR THE FIRST TIME. Fact: Someone who doesn’t normally go to church is 80% more likely to go on Easter following a personal invitation. So please, invite those close to you who might be far from God to New Walk for Easter.


Am I looking forward to the helicopter egg drop? For sure! Am I looking forward to the candy and all the fun craziness that a big weekend like this can bring? You bet! But what I’m MOST looking forward to is being witness to the life change that I know will take place in the lives of those in attendance. I’m well aware of the fact that Easter eggs have nothing to do with celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, but if dropping eggs out of a helicopter can prompt a kid to say “Dad, I want to go to New Walk on Sunday” and that father’s heart is wrecked in the best possible way, by experiencing salvation in Christ… That is a major “win” in my book.


On behalf of the entire worship team, we can’t wait to worship with you Easter weekend!! Bring your friends and family along and we hope to see you there. For locations and service times visit mynewwalk.com.